Saturday, May 29, 2010


This post is for my friend Tanya! Most of you who read this know that when I sign my name I almost always put the symbols for peace, love, happiness, and music (it is a dotted-eighth-sixteenth note). I consider this to be my life's motto and what I wish for others. They have been used to describe me in professional interviews (I really did at my first ACPA); and even tattooed on my back.

Anyway - I do not remember the particulars, but sometime in junior high (Tanya & I met at the now closed Powell Junior High) Tanya and I began using the symbols. I believe it started around a teacher's discussion of nirvana (the state of mind, not the band). We started to sign our names with the four symbols, then draw an equal sign and the little sign for nirvana. Who knew that something started so long ago would stick with us? As a side note, I decided to get my tattoo after the birth of Tanya’s first child, her son Alex. All I can say is at the time I felt that it was the ‘sign’ I needed to finally go forward with the tattoo that I had been thinking about for years.

As a gift to Anderson, Tanya made him these adorable oneies with each of the symbols. Her work is fantastic – and they are so cute! When I realized earlier this month that Anderson was quickly outgrowing them, I made sure that when he wore them I took a picture to have as a keepsake. You will notice a fifth symbol added to the mix. Tanya added recycling – which is perfect. Enjoy. And thank you Tanya!




Music (eighth notes)



  1. Thank you for that! He could not be cuter. Let me know if you need them in bigger sizes! ;)

  2. Tanya did a wonderful job, I especially love the RECYCLING!